the Wyvern

Leicester City


Stag & Pheasant Hotel

  (Humberstone Gate)


Sir Robert Peel (Jarrom Street)

      the Fox



Blacksmiths' Arms (1908) (Thurlaston)


Anne of Cleves (Melton Mowbray)

the Horseshoe & Acorn



Aveland Arms (Ketton)


Black Bull Inn (Market Overton

The 'Swan With Two Necks', the 'Cantineer', the 'Flying Scud', the 'Rat & Ferret', the 'Hero of Magdala', the 'Buffalo & Garland', the 'Hatchet & Cleaver' and the 'Eagle & Child' are all public houses long gone in the history of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, but where and when were they ?

Well, these, together with over 2,800 other entries, form a new website which is, eventually, intended to be a comprehensive record of the historic and current public houses of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.


The database reflects research to date covering inns, taverns, beer houses, public houses, licensed hotels, temperance houses and social and political clubs, listing names, addresses, landlords / licensees, breweries and dates, together with any anecdotes considered relevant, and is split into three sections -

          the public houses of Leicester City and its immediate suburbs

          the public houses in the remainder of the County

          the public houses of Rutland


Where a public house name changes, both, or all names are included, and, although many public houses include the prefix 'The' in their listed name, for the purpose of this database it has been omitted, with all appearing under the first letter of their main name - eg. 'The Cedars' appears as 'Cedars'.


A composite map is included showing public houses etc. (where locations are known), together with sections covering brief histories of the past and present breweries of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the Temperance Movement and on the derivation of pub names included. 


The database reflects research to date and is, therefore, a starting point only and we welcome input from all sources covering any errors, omissions or information and photographs not included to date.

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