This is a composite map showing current road layouts with historical road layouts and other features (including the extent of the Roman and Medieval Town of Leicester) highlighted accordingly.

Boundaries are shown to highlight the five City Zones which radiate out from the Clock Tower hub as follows -

Zone 1      North            Churchgate to Belgrave Gate

Zone 2      Northeast     Belgrave Gate to Humberstone Gate

Zone 3      East              Humberstone Gate to Gallowtree Gate (Granby Street / London Road)

Zone 4      South            Gallowtree Gate (Granby Street / London Road) to Horsefair Street

Zone 5      West             Horsefair Street to Churchgate


Only pubs where the exact location is known are included.



Balloon Dot      City pubs

Balloon Plain    County pubs

Pin                    Rutland pubs


Yellow               Public houses

Purple               Hotels

Green                Political & Social Clubs

Light blue          Temperance houses

Red cross         Breweries


Orange line       Extent of Roman and Medieval walled Towm

Dark blue line    Previous road layouts

Red line             Re-named roads

Grey line            Former railway lines             

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